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Estrus Detector


This device is basically comprised of a probe, a handle and a screen. DKD20A model has been calibrated for use in cow.


  1. First immobilize the animal safely.
  2. Soak the probe before use to provide lubrication, then spread the vulva lips and slide the device to the Cervix.
  3. Then press the trigger of the device and wait.
  4. The device displays the result in about 5 seconds.
  5. After reading the results remove the probe and wash with soap.
  6. With the process as above it is very easy to use.

Warning: Clean the probe with water before use and then later with disinfectant. After completion of the test please soak the probe with only clean water and then wash it again.


  1. If the device finds any abnormality after insertion into the vagina it will show "RECTAL CONTROL". In this case, a veterinarian intervention is required for final diagnosis.
  2. If ovarian activity is not satisfactory and hormonal levels is not optimum, the device displays "INACTIVE OVARIAN". Proper care should be taken then by a veterinarian.
  3. if it is in early stage for insemination or if GnRH hormone level is low, device will display the following signal "GnRH APPLY". In this cases, it should be performed either by applying GnRH and inseminate immediately or one should wait for 4-8 hours and after that inseminate.
  4. If it is proper time for the insemination, the device displays "INSEMINATE NOW" signal and one should inseminate the animal immediately.
  5. If the animal is not in ovulation, the device shows "ESTRUS EXCEPT". One should avoid any insemination and save the cost
  6. If there is pregnancy or if the animal is in luteal cyst the device displays "Pregnancy or Luteal Cyst" in this case one should avoid any insemination.
  7. If the device is switched on without insertion in the vagina, it will give "SENSOR IDLE" signal.
  8. If the device, after insertion in the vagina, shows "SHORT CIRCUIT", chance of which is extremely low, please send the device for servicing.
  9. You can recharge the device for 3 hour after using 30-40 times. If the charge is not enough, then signals don't appear on the screen.
  10. If you press the trigger during charging the device shows "NOW CHARGING". For initial charging it requires atleast 10 hours charging however do not charge more than 12 hours.
  11. Never immerse the device in water as that will damage the device. Instead wipe the device with clean cloth soaked in water.


  1. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery upto 2 years and it covers all parts of device.,
  2. The repair time is 30 business days depending on device damage condition. This period starts from the date of notification about the fault of device to the service station.
  3. During guarantee period if there is any device malfunction due to manufacturing defect or if any fault develops in any part, the manufacturer will repair or replace the device without any charges.
  4. If any fault is found within a year of the warrany period due to multiple reasons the company will replace the device without any charge.
  5. However manufacturer warranty will be void if usage does not comply with company instruction manual.
  6. The warranty of the product will be void on the following reason:
    1. If the warranty of device expires
    2. If the device is serviced from unauthorised place or attempt is made to repair or open of product.
    3. The warranty will be voided in case of shock, forcing and breakage, dropping accidentally, non compliance with consumer rules for periodic cleaning and maintenance.


Product lifetime is 6 years and it is covered by the warranty for two years and remaining four year is not under warranty but the company makes parts support with payment.

Technical Specification

Model: DKD20A
Weight: 300 gm
Tip thickness: 25 mm
Tip size: 400 mm
Measurement time: 5 sec
Measurement range: 0-1000
Sensitivity: 1
Recommended storage temperature: 5-45' C
End of measurement warning: LCD display
Battery dead warning: LCD screen
Power supply: Integrated Lion battery (Rechargeable)

Questions and answers:

  • Question: Is the pregnancy detected with this detector?
    Answer: Yes, if the animal shows regular estrus, it detects pregnancy but in irregular estrus the device does detect pregnancy

  • Question: Does the device increase more chance of conception rate ?
    Answer: Yes, the device will show more correct time of insemination with increased conception rate.

  • Question: Does the device detect cyst ?
    Answer: Yes, in case of luteal cyst and in pregnancy the progesterone will be high; the device gives signal about it and one needs to call a veterinarian.

  • Question: Does the device detect any infection in the reproductive tract ?
    Answer: Yes, it detects the abnormalities and gives signal "Rectal control".

  • Question: Does the device give us any signal for early time for insemination ?
    Answer: Yes, in this case signal will be "GnRH apply".

  • Question: If the ovulation time is over but the animal still shows estrus does the device give any signal?
    Answer: Yes, it signals "Oestrus Except"

  • Question: Are there more advanced devices than this?
    Answer: There are no more advance model than this.

  • Question: How to lubricate the device before inserting in rectal orifice ?
    Answer: Wipe the device with a clean cotton soaked with clean water, after completion of the test the device should be wiped with a disinfectant liquid and dried.


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