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Estrus Detector

Identification And Instruction manual

This device comprises basically a probe, a handle and a screen. DKD20A model has been calibrated for use in cow.

Use of device:

  1. First immobilize the animal safely(For your safety).
  2. Soak the probe before use. This provides lubrication,then spread the vulva lips and slide the device to the Cervix.
  3. Then press the trigger of device and wait.
  4. It is displayed the result for about 5 seconds.
  5. After reading the results remove the probe and wash with soap .
  6. That's all. It is very easy to use.

Warning: Clean with water before use, later with disinfactant. After completion the test soak with only clean water and wash it again.

Menu Descriptions

  1. The device can diagnose some problems. If the device is not able to diagnose, it is seen on the screen "RECTAL CONTROL". In this case, a veterinarian should perform rectal examination.
  2. If ovarian activity is not satisfactory and normal hormone levels is low, the display in the device is such as in the following picture " INACTIVE OVARIUM " signals.
  3. If it is early stage for insemination or if GnRH hormone levels is low, device will display the following like in the picture "GnRH APPLY" signals. In this case, it should be performed either by applying GnRH and inseminate immediately or one should wait for 4-8 hours and after that inseminate.
  4. If it is right time for the insemination, the device displays the following screen "INSEMINATE NOW" signals. In this case, Insemination should be done immediately.
  5. If it is not eligible for insemination or there are no eggs in the ovary for ovulation, the device will give the following picture "Estrus Except" signals. In such cases, it would not be inseminated.
  6. If there is a luteal ovarian cysts (luteal) or if the animal is pregnant, the device displays as the following "pregnancy or cysts" and in this case no insemination should be done.
  7. If the probe is switched on without placement in the vagina, the device displays as the following "SENSOR IDLE" signals.
  8. If the Prop ends has short circuit while prop is in vagina then the device displays "SHORT CIRCUIT" signals. Prop ends should not be done short circuit knowingly. İf you get short circuit warning when the prop is not in the vagina,you should send device to service.
  9. You can recharge the device for 3 hour after using 30-40 times. If the charge is not enough, then signals don't appear on the screen.
  10. If you press the trigger during charging "NOW CHARGING" will appear. 10 hours can be charged. Do not charge longer than 12 hours.
  11. Outside of the probe don't immerse device into the water. You can wipe with a damp cloth.

Guarantee Conditions And Products Lifetime

Guarantee Conditions:

  1. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and 2 years.
  2. Including all parts of device is covered by our company guarantee,
  3. The repair time is added to the warranty period in case of any failure of device in the warranty period. The repair time is up to 30 business days. This period starts from the date of notification about the fault of device to the service station, in case of thelack of service stations to the goods dealer, reseller, agent, representative, exporter or manufacturer.
  4. Within the guarantee period, in case of malfunction due to errors in material and workmanship, as well as assembly,
  5. workmanship costs,and fee about the replacement of any part of device part or fault under any name will be repaired without any charge from our company.
  6. If any breakdown of device emergence subject to a year within the warranty period from the date of delivery because of some fault repetition and more than two or four different defect and if inability to utilizing the product win continuity,
  7. Exceeding the maximum time required for the repair,Report will be required in case of the repair of detect impossible. The report will be held one of vendors, dealers,agencies,representative,exporter or producer in the absence of the service station. In this case it will be made free replacement of device.
  8. Repair of device out of warranty in case of failure to comply with the instruction manual of the device.
  9. For problems that may arise in connection with the warranty certificate apply General Directorate of Consumer and Competition Protection of Industry and Commerce Ministry.
  10. The warranty of the product covers failures resulting from production errors as follows:
    1. If the warranty of device expired
    2. If outside the service were intervened or attempted the repair or open of product.
    3. The warranty are excluded from the service with assessment report in case of out of order of device because of Shock, forcing and breakage, fragmentation of device that resulting because of dropping, non-compliance with consumer rules for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Product Life Time

Product lifetime is 6 years and it is covered by the warranty for two years and remaining four year is not under warranty but the company makes parts support with payment.

Manufacturing company information:


Smart Veterinary Group
Research, Development and Manufacturing
Livestock your partner solution. We make it easy your life.


Anton-Gunther-Strasse 22
89362 Offingen / Germany


Estrus detector is a tool that gives important information and determination of many reproductive disease as well as determine the estrus.

The device has a large screen which gives important information on the detection of ovulation time.

  • The device spotted vaginal infection if any before insemination.
  • Determine silent estrus and correct onset of insemination
  • Detects the ovulation time.
  • Detects pregnancy and / or Luteal cysts.
  • Product is durable, reliable and easy to use, no special training is require.
  • Gives 90% reliable results (individual animal factors error margin 10%).

Technical Specifications

Model: DKD20A
Weight: 300 gr. (about)
Tip thickness: 25 mm.
Tip size: 400 mm.
Measurement time: 5 sec. (about)
Measurement range: 0-1000
Sensitivity: 1
Recommended storage temperature: 5-45 degrees C
End of measurement warning: LCD display
Battery dead warning: LCD screen
Power supply: Integrated Lion battery (Rechargeable)


Questions and answers:

Question: Is pregnancy detected with an anemia detector?
Answer: Yes, if the animal shows regular estrus it detect pregnancy but in irregular estrus the device can not detect pregnancy

Question: If the device increases more chance of insemination time.
Answer: Yes. The device will show you the correct timing of insemination

Question: Will the animal show a cyst if it does?
Answer: Yes. In case of Luteal Cyst and pregnancy the level of progesterone hormone will be high, the device gives signal about it and you may need to call veterinarian.

Question: Does animal show metritis if there is any uterine infection.?
Answer: In this condition device signal "Veterinarian medical examination is required".

Question: Does the device give us any signal for early time for insemination?
Answer: Yes. In this case, the signal "seed by applying GnRH at 8 hours later" will be displayed.

Question: If the insemination time is over and the animal still looks in estrus will the device give any signal?
Answer: Yes. It signal "Out of oestrus cycle"

Question: Is there a more advanced device than this one?
Answer: There is no more advanced model.